From a small factory in 1993 to the establishment of Haining Jiali in 1996, to the birth of Zhejiang Jiali Weaving and Dyeing in 2004, Jiali has experienced a arduous journey from the entrepreneurial period to the development period.After more than 20 years of development, it has developed into a comprehensive dyeing, finishing and weaving that integrates high-end apparel fabric dyeing and finishing, home textile fabric dyeing and finishing, automotive interior fabrics, advertising printing materials and other various fabric dyeing and finishing as well as clothing R&D and production enterprise.

Jiali Dyeing and Finishing owns new international high-temperature and high-pressure printing and dyeing machines, advanced finishing equipment from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, door width setting machine, pre-shrinking machine, Italian hair extension and sanding machine, and a full set of American and British standard detectors, etc. Weaving and dyeing equipment, as well as high-end laboratory equipment, automatic dripping machine, color measuring instrument, light fastness tester, tensile tester and a complete set of production inspection equipment. The main products are the research and development and production of various home textile fabrics, swimwear, sportswear, underwear fabrics, knitted fabrics for car interiors and advertising printing materials. According to customer needs, we can produce varieties with special specifications and quality requirements such as anti-wrinkle, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, and anti-feathering.

Over the years, Jiali has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "striving for excellence, continuous innovation, and originality" to cultivate a modern corporate consciousness, market economy concept and a united, enterprising, and positive corporate culture, so as to make the company cohesive, incentive, binding, The guiding force and radiation force have been greatly enhanced, which has effectively promoted the reform and development of the enterprise and production and operation, and won the trust of users with high-quality products and services. Adhere to innovation-driven, technological leadership, green development, efficient production, highly environmentally friendly production lines, complete inspection and testing facilities and technical teams, and a wide range of high-grade, high-value-added product dyeing processing.



Small factory established


Haining Jiali Co., Ltd. was established


Zhejiang Jiali Weaving and Dyeing was born

Company Culture

  • Adhere to standards first

    Adhere to standards first

    Do a good job in the basic management of the enterprise, and passed the provincial standardization management, ISO9000 international quality standard system, ISO14001 international environmental management standard, and provincial clean production acceptance.

  • Insist on innovative products

    Insist on innovative products

    Adhere to innovation-driven, technology-led, green development, mainly produce high-end apparel fabrics, home textile fabrics, automotive upholstery fabrics, etc., sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and modern management methods, to innovate new products, produce high-quality, high-quality High-grade products provide a strong guarantee.

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