How does China's garment industry form new supplies and find new ways out?

2021-02-04 10:10:05 浙江佳力织染制衣有限公司 Viewd 1218

Under the new economic situation, how does the clothing industry solve the problems of high inventory, low turnover and high cost?

"Selling clothes, sometimes it is difficult to find orders of 1 million yuan. And selling solutions, orders of tens of millions of dollars abound." At the China Apparel Conference held in Qingdao, Red Collar Group Chairman Zhang Dai told reporters. Since the beginning of this year, the red-collar personalized clothing customization business has undergone market testing and its revenue has increased substantially. “In this way, we have found a new market, formed a new supply, and opened a new way out.”

New supply comes first from new technology.

"The changes brought about by new technologies are extending from the retail end to the entire industry chain." Miao Hongbing, chairman of the white-collar group of domestic women's clothing brands, said at the conference. With the Internet as a representative, the apparel industry is moving from channels to seize new technological opportunities. , Service, production and many other links ushered in "little willows".

For example, through big data application analysis to capture consumer preferences and provide precise supply; through the introduction of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet to achieve sales and production, reduce costs and destock; through Internet technology to upgrade experience, provide quality services, and so on.

The Hanbo Group, which used to be a foundry as its main business, transformed from a clothing manufacturing company to a one-stop service platform through technological innovation and Internet integration. “In the past, we were just a small role in the industry chain, but now we integrate all aspects of design, manufacturing, and sales. As long as the demand is raised, we can make it.” Gao Min, President of Hanbo Group, said at the meeting. Like the “Didi” in the clothing industry, by introducing cross-border partners on the platform, creating a “shared” business model, it has realized a rapid response to the market, turning passive into active.

Chen Dapeng, executive vice president of the China Garment Association, believes that the application and extension of digital technology, network technology, automation technology, etc. in the industry will improve the industry’s ability to allocate resources, upstream and downstream collaborative innovation, enhance the overall production efficiency, and make the industry gradually move towards intelligence. . Seizing the opportunities brought about by the technological revolution and industrial transformation, China's apparel industry will build a brand new advantage in the global industrial structure.

Second, new supply also comes from new consumption.

Many experts believe that the biggest opportunity now lies in consumption upgrades. This includes the upgrade of products, channels and experience.

"Apparel companies must adapt to and lead the changes in consumer lifestyles." Zhang Rongming, chairman of Aimer Group, believes that today with diversified products, especially the upgrading of channels and experience, not only can increase user "viscosity", but also dig from it. New market.

Last year, the "Women's Association" came into being. Here, consumers can not only purchase products, but also enjoy a full range of services such as skin care, beauty, and manicure, and experience a better life. In addition, Aimer is planning to open a technology-based lifestyle hall, where products and services related to smart life will be exhibited to bring consumers more experience.

The "" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute pointed out that not only the upgrading of channels and experience can expand products and open up market space, but the service itself also generates value, and even the value of the product will be higher in the future. All these will bring huge market space and business opportunities to the development of the industry, and will become an important engine for a new round of development of the industry.

New supplies will eventually come from good products.

"If one day we lose, don't blame others, it's because we didn't do well enough." Miao Hongbing said frankly that women's clothing brand white-collar workers who used to give gifts and consumption accounted for a considerable proportion have not had a good life in recent years. "Have we really done a good product?" "Have you studied customer characteristics and needs?" The sharp decline in customer sources made him reflect on almost every moment: when there are enough products and enough room for consumers to choose At the moment, it is fundamental to do a good job in products and refine the industry.

"Enterprise transformation is a return to some extent." said Chen Guoqiang, vice president of the China National Garment Association. For the apparel industry, no matter what new concepts, new fashions and new product forms, the market's requirements for products will not change. .

Only by grasping the essential things, insisting on the perfect pursuit of technology and quality, and doing the most basic work to the most refined, will the products be given long-term vitality.