Fabric and material introduction of clothes

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In daily life, skirts are indeed essential for girls, especially in summer, so what fabrics are commonly used in ordinary dresses?

1. Chiffon

The characteristic of chiffon fabric is that it feels soft and delicate, the texture is light and thin, the breathability is very good, the drape is also good, it is not easy to deform, and it has a certain degree of breathability. Girls who are afraid of heat can choose chiffon fabric dresses in the hot summer. It is also cooler.

2. Pure cotton

Dresses made of pure cotton have better sweat absorption, and the air permeability is slightly worse than that of chiffon. It does not affect the drape and is not as good as chiffon. It is prone to wrinkles, especially the fabric of cotton and nylon (the fabric composition is about 75 % Cotton, 22% nylon and 3% spandex), this kind of fabric will have a certain degree of elasticity, you can look at the ingredients of the washing mark when you buy it. Although the pure cotton fabric is easy to crease, it has better stiffness than chiffon. You can choose your favorite skirt according to the fabric according to your needs.

3. Hemp

This kind of material is rarely used on dresses. Even if there is, it is made of cotton and linen, which contains cotton. The fabric of this material is also breathable, not easy to crease, and has a good sweat absorption effect.

4. Mulberry silk

The cost of this kind of fabric is relatively expensive. If it is a skirt of 90% mulberry silk, the cost price is about 500 yuan, and the market price is at least a thousand. Of course, this refers to the better mulberry silk, but some inferior products are not so. Expensive.



The fabrics used for T-shirts and shirts are similar to those of skirts. The fabrics mentioned above are used for T-shirts and shirts. However, for shirts, hemp is used more than skirts. After all, many shirts are used as coats. .

There is no great skill when buying clothes. If you learn to read the ingredient label of the washing label, you can basically know that the labels of some big shopping malls can't go wrong.



There are also many kinds of materials for the trousers. Of course, I will not explain them one by one here, but will talk about some of the more common ones.

In addition to looking at the washing mark, it mainly depends on the feel. Generally, the longest-used cotton products have a very good feel and are relatively soft. Take the common jeans (unlaunched cows are good). The fabric of the jeans is also cotton. , But pay attention to the fading problem.

For example, other knitted trousers, more or less the fabric composition will contain cotton ingredients.

In fact, there are many garment fabrics nowadays. Basically, as long as there is nothing wrong with trying on clothes when choosing clothes, they can meet your requirements. After all, compared to before, the fabrics of clothes now have undergone multiple processing procedures and are very qualified. Yes, so no need to worry.